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Herbal Remedies
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Natural Medicine
Botanical Garden
Integrative Functional Medicine

Is a holistic approach that views the body as systems that co-regulate one another.

Assesses upstream disruptions in this co-regulation by considering such factors as:

gut health, biotransformation capacity, nutrient status, and much more.

Common Concerns Addressed

Integrative Functional Medicine can often find factors linking seemingly unrelated  symptoms.

By using a holistic lens, this expands the range of options for care & for building a stronger foundation of health.

Osteopathic Medicine & Biofeedback

Osteopathy is a type of manual medicine that provides care through touch.  

This gentle therapy can benefit people of all ages.

Osteopathic doctors are trained in manual therapy in addition to mainstream medicine.  

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Taking care of your health


With lectures, workshops, speakers and each other, my hope is to share information to empower your journey and to create a home for the seekers and like minded to gather.

Space To Heal

By creating time and space for open and collaborative communication, we can address on your wellness goals and concerns:  may it be increased energy,  relief of anxiety, fewer headaches, managing blood pressure with less medication, improved control of diabetes, gastrointestinal dysfunction, etc.


Evaluation and Therapies are based on your individual story and needs which encompasses the energetic, physical, spiritual, emotional being. 

Involved In Your Care

Together with your input, we will develop a plan for the best possible, manageable and sustainable changes.

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