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What to Expect

Initial Consult - Functional Integrative Visit

Prior to your visit: 

  • In-depth questionnaire to be completed and submitted with prior laboratory tests for review before visit.

  • When the above are submitted, we will request a deposit of $200.00 at this time.  This will be applied to your future visit cost, and covers for the time spent reviewing your chart and delving into the complex interactions and causes of your symptoms.


**The deposit is nonrefundable and will expire after one year of submission of your records and questionnaire.


During your consultation:

Will further explore other aspects of your history which can include but not limited to:  

  • Physical/Emotional Traumas or other significant events 

  • Diet

  • Sleep

  • Food sensitivities

  • Connection to yourself and community

  • Environmental exposures

  • At this time, will decide whether additional lab tests will be needed to further assess your situation. 


At the End of the First Consultation:


  • This consultation process allows Dr. Leong to get to know the whole you.

  • Extensive, Customized Plan

  • May include supplements, herbal therapies, and lifestyle changes

  • 20 minute maximum no cost PHONE CHECK IN approximately 2-3 wks after visit, if there are no follow up labs for review. Lab review and next steps generally require a follow up visit.

  • Emails: we are responsive to emails, however if the inquiry is more entailed or requires more time, a follow up visit by phone or in person may be recommended.



Follow Ups:


Follow Ups- average 1 hr depending on their complexity:

  • Based on response to initial regimen and lab results if any were ordered- fine tune plan with regards to supplements, herbs and other modalities that may be helpful. 

  • Follow Up appointments for lab results, and continued care can be over the phone, by video conference or in person.

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