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Meet Dr. Lillian Leong, D.O.

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About Dr. Lillian W. Leong D.O.

Dr. Lillian Leong is not only a physician but also a wife and mother of two high-energy, creative and fun-loving boys.


She was inspired to study and train in medicine and alternative forms of healing under her mentor, whose research received national recognition from the U.S. Congress as well as the State of California. Through her mentor’s and family member’s health journeys, Dr. Leong saw how non-mainstream approaches could provide relief, and hope. This clinic is a way to further expand on the vision to empower through knowledge, Heal through Spirit, and to support the body in all its facets.


She is board certified family medicine and practicing for more than a decade. While her focus is on applying integrative medicine, she remains grounded with her understanding of conventional medicine. She uses both approaches to provide the most effective and comprehensive care tailored to the uniqueness of each patient.


In the late 1980’s, she began her exploration into alternative healing such as energy medicine, colorpuncture, Reiki, and essential oils. With it culminating in a master’s degree in Biological Sciences with research into the antimicrobial activity of plants used in folk remedies. She later studied osteopathic medicine at Western University of Health Sciences before completing her family medicine residency at the prestigious University of California, Davis. Dr. Leong has also studied functional medicine with the Institute of Functional Medicine and clinical herbology with Dr. T. Low Dog.


She is dedicated to drawing her patients in as active participants in their care. Many visit her practice because she often provides effective alternative or complementary treatment to their current therapy. As an integrative medicine specialist, she is also happy to work alongside primary care physicians to create effective treatment plans that lead to healing and health.

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