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Functional & Integrative Medicine

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Personalized Holistic Medicine

Functional and integrative medicine focuses on all the facets of a patient's life so that we can understand the full range of possible factors contributing to your symptoms or issues.

Whether you are looking to optimize your health regimen or would like relief from ongoing or recurring symptoms, LL Integrative Life in Walnut Creek, California, may be able to help.


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What is Functional Medicine?

Functional medicine integrates the best of conventional medicine and complementary medicine to create an individualized, patient-centered, science-based healthcare model that focuses on treating the root cause of your disease or illness. Essentially, functional medicine seeks out the cause of your symptoms rather than simply suppressing them.

Why use Integrative Functional Medicine?

Functional medicine greatly improves treatment outcomes by targeting the root causes behind a diagnosis or symptoms. As a medical model, it views your body as an integrated system and realizes that one medical condition can have many causes. Conversely, one underlying cause can lead to many conditions.

For instance, kidney disease, sleep apnea, and certain thyroid disorders can all cause hypertension (elevated blood pressure). A thyroid disorder causing hypertension may also cause heart arrhythmia, chronic constipation, muscle fatigue, weight gain, and depression.

Rather than relying solely on treatment with medication such as an acid blocker for acid reflux without esophagitis or a laxative for constipation, Dr. Leong would also focus on identifying other factors that could be contributing such as food sensitivities, factors contributing to decreased motility, lifestyle factors, biome. Dr. Leong diagnoses and treats what’s causing the symptoms.

Functional medicine practitioners such as Dr. Leong also understand that even subtle differences in your individual genetic, biochemical, and lifestyle factors can greatly affect your treatment outcomes. These differences require personalized care plans designed to fit your unique needs.

What is Integrative Medicine?

Integrative medicine includes a wide variety of alternative healing disciplines that enhance or work alongside treatments typically considered part of the conventional or “Western” medicine model for health care.

It can optimize your health, mitigate side effects of conventional treatments, minimize medication use, or perhaps address symptoms that have not been relieved through a more conventional approach. This gives you a wider range of treatment options and choices for care, such as: 

- Herbs: Medicinal Plants-

 - Mainstream Rx-

- Osteopathy - Lifestyle-

- Sound & Light Therapy-

- Essential Oils-

- Bioenergy Modalities-

- Nutriceuticals / Supplements-


-Dietary Changes-

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