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Integrative Life may recommend but will not implement conventional treatment in regards to medicines such as thyroid, blood pressure medication but will work closely with your physician to work as a team on your behalf.


Because of this policy, patients MUST have a primary care provider so if conventional treatment is deemed warranted, the provider and Dr. Leong can co-manage.


Dr. Leong is still involved with mainstream medicine and can communicate effectively with conventional physicians in the community.


Service Fees

For New Patient Visits, a deposit of 45% of your total visit cost is required.  This is due to the significant time spent reviewing medical history, labs, and other forms prior to your visit. This will be requested upon appointment confirmation between you and the office & submission of your questionnaire and labs (if warraned or available) for review.

The deposit is nonrefundable and placed towards the total cost of your scheduled visit. 
If you cancel within 24hrs of your appointment time, the FULL deposit will be placed towards any future visits within the year the appointment was canceled.

Please see cancellation policy below.



Cancellations 24hrs in advance of appointment will have full deposit applied to future visits within the year of cancellation.

Cancellations LESS THAN 24hrs or NO SHOWS will have $75.00 removed from deposit and the remainder applied to future visits within the year of appointment date.

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