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Common Concerns We Address

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Bridging Medicine with Nonmainstream Approaches

Integrative Functional Medicine can often find factors linking seemingly unrelated  symptoms.

By applying a holistic lens, this expands the range of options for care and building a stronger foundation of health.

We employ herbs, nutraceuticals, lifestyel changes and recommend other therapies that may support physiological and biochemical shifts.

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GI Concerns, including:   

      - GERD/Acid reflux

      - SIBO

      - IBS

      - Intestinal Permeability

      - Motility Issues


can be more than just an inconvenience but also a factor in seemingly unrelated symptoms you are experiencing, such as hormone imbalance, immune dysregulation, skin issues. 


GI functions entail digestion, absorption, biotransformation or commonly known as detoxification, & elimination.


All these processes are interdependent with:

      -Cellular health

      -Immune & Hormone Signaling

      -Musculoskeletal & Nervous System Regulation

      -Nutrition Status

How can Integrative Life help?

We will attempt to address the root cause of your dysregulation. This means we consider all aspects of a Being: such as lifestyle, past exposures, endocrine and nervous system imbalances. 



Hormones are chemical signals made by various organs to respond and instruct your body to perform certain functions and maintain homeostasis.

Their influence is vast and can affect:

- metabolism

- digestion, motility

- mood

- blood sugar balance

- sleep

- stress response

- nutrient balance

Who might benefit from an integrative functional hormone evaluation?

Every individual is unique, but an evaluation may be beneficial for those who:

  • Have had an unrevealing workup with their physician but continue to experience symptoms

  • Have symptoms such as fatigue and “brain fog” in spite of being on medications

  • Want complementary ways to support their current regimen

  • Have tried various other approaches to relieve their symptoms and are dissatisfied with the results

How can Integrative Life help with hormone imbalances?

  • Treatments vary and depend on the cause of your hormone imbalance. Some conditions, for instance, require hormone replacement therapy while others need a shift in lifestyle factors.

  • Integrative functional medicine can also complement your current treatment by fortifying your metabolic reserve.

  • We can also explore other areas that may be affecting your hormone synthesis and conversion, or your body’s ability to use the hormones. We can often affect change by recommending lifestyle changes that might include improvement in your overall nutrition or by recommending therapy with plant-based products (botanicals).

  • At LL Integrative Life, identifying and correcting your hormone imbalance is part of our mission to help you achieve optimal physical & emotional health and well-being.



-Rashes  -Eczema  -Psoriasis

The skin acts as a barrier but can also serve as a reflection of our inner health, especially our gut, immune & endocrine balance.

How can Integrative Life help with your skin health? 


By evaluating multiple areas including food sensitivities, hormones, GI integrity, immune status, toxin exposures, microbiome and lifestyle factors, we hope to get to the root cause of your skin symptoms.

We can than address these using both mainstream and complementary modalities.

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