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Eczema is a condition that brings on episodes of red, itchy skin. And it often persists despite your best efforts to moisturize and soothe the areas. Dr. Lillian Leong is a board-certified family and integrative medicine physician and functional medicine specialist who designs your eczema treatment plan to address the underlying cause of your eczema and calm your troubled skin. Her family-friendly practice, LL Integrative Life, is conveniently located in Walnut Creek, California. Call today for an appointment or reserve your visit online.

Eczema Q & A

What is eczema?

Eczema, also recognized as atopic dermatitis, is a skin condition that leaves your skin red, irritated, and inflamed. It can occur in localized patches or cover wide regions of skin on your face, torso, legs, and arms.

Eczema usually comes and goes. It can affect any age group, but it often occurs for the first time in infancy and is frequently noted as red, irritated patches on a baby's cheeks.

What causes eczema?

Researchers are still seeking the precise mechanisms behind the cause of eczema. However, they do know that it is an imbalance in the regulation of the immune system. Since the body is made up of multiple systems intricately working together, triggers in other systems could be feeding into this immune dysregulation as well.

The condition is less prevalent outside of cities, and people with asthma or allergies are more likely to experience problems with eczema. You also have an increased risk of developing it if your parents or siblings have eczema.

Doctors can identify common eczema triggers, which include:

  • Clothing made from scratchy materials such as wool
  • Excessive sweating
  • Harsh soaps and hot showers or baths
  • Household cleaning products that dry your skin

Stress, colds, cases of flu, animal dander, anxiety, and certain foods may also trigger an eczema flare-up. Dry air caused by your furnace during the winter and air conditioner over the summer months can also bring on eczema.

At LL Integrative Life, we understand these triggers stimulate the immune system directly as well as indirectly by eliciting responses from such areas as the gut, detoxification system, and adrenal system. Our treatment addresses the triggers and balance of the underlying systems involved, versus just managing the symptoms. Our care may decrease the frequency of your eczema flare-ups and make eczema easier to manage overall.

What is the treatment for eczema?

Determining the treatment will depend on determining your triggers and imbalances. If you’re experiencing symptoms of eczema or have frequent episodes, Dr. Leong may recommend:

  • Topical ointments, moisturizers, and herbal remedies to soothe your discomfort and decrease the itchiness that typically accompanies eczema
  • Nutritional changes to your diet to improve the health of your skin and immune system
  • Biofeedback or meditation therapy to help you manage stress
  • Gut health evaluation, sensitivity, and allergy identification as potential triggers
  • Diagnostic studies to check for vitamin and nutrient deficiencies, hormonal imbalances, and other conditions that can affect your skin’s health or trigger eczema