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Lillian W. Leong, D.O. -  - Integrative Functional Medicine Physician

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Lillian W. Leong, D.O.

Integrative Functional Medicine Physician located in Walnut Creek, CA

If you are experiencing digestive issues — from acid reflux to IBS — or have more complex symptoms that have been difficult to resolve or relieve, LL Integrative Life in Walnut Creek, California, may be able to help. By approaching symptoms from an upstream perspective, we seek to root out contributors that may be dysregulating your body systems. If you are unsure whether we are the right choice, please schedule a no-cost phone consultation to determine if we may be the right choice to help with your concerns. Call our offices today or use our convenient online scheduling service.

Digestive & Complex Issues Q & A

What kind of digestive issues can LL Integrative Life assist with?

LL Integrative Life can care for a range of digestive issues, from irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) to acid reflux. We work to find the root cause of your symptoms, which will be different for each person. By addressing the cause, not just the symptoms, we can prevent recurrence and the need for long-term treatment with medications.

If you are using conventional medication, we can support your regimen in a variety of ways — from mitigating potential side effects to enhancing detoxification. With our training in family medicine and integrative functional medicine, you can be sure you’ll receive the care you need.

How does the LL Integrative Life approach differ from conventional medicine?

The premise of integrative functional medicine is that organ systems work together to regulate and create balance in our bodies. When we have symptoms, it indicates that balance has been disrupted. At LL Integrative Life, we identify what has caused this system to go awry. To address these factors, we may recommend you adjust certain lifestyle factors. We might also suggest herbal medicines or supplements. However, our goal is not that you remain on these but to restore balance and to fortify your body.

What types of complex issues do you treat?

We specialize in treating people who have not been able to find a solution to their chronic health problems. Our work covers a variety of complex medical conditions, including:

  • Immune and autoimmune diseases such as eczema, rheumatoid arthritis, and allergies
  • Digestive issues like IBS and gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD).

Many patients have symptoms that overlap different body systems. We have the knowledge from Western and alternative medicine to find commonalities and overlap between the systems. This gives you a wider range of treatment options and choices for care. We can also advocate and coordinate your alternative care with your specialty and primary care physician.

If you have complex issues that have been unresponsive to treatment, call LL Integrative Life in Walnut Creek, California, to schedule a visit or book your appointment online. If you’d like more information about our services, please make an appointment for a no-cost phone consultation.